Тест 2 для школьников 5-6 классы

ФИ ребенка_____________________________________________

Дата рождения___________________________________________

В каком классе учится__________

С какого класса изучает англ. язык_____________

В каком из  центров хотите заниматься (ул. Ленская, Тихомирова, Пестеля)

Конт. тел. родителей______________________________________

Эл почта_________________________________________________

  1. I … speak English.

A can                        B have                                 C does

  1. Our family … a big house.

A have got                B are got                             C has got

  1. Sue … cats.

A loves                     B love                                  C love’s

  1. The ball is … the book.

A on                          B between                           C into

  1. She … funny.

A isnt’                       B not                                   C isn’t 

  1. We … like bananas.

A aren’t                    B don’t                                 C doesn’t

  1. How many dolls …?

A she have got            B she has got                     C has she got

  1. Is … teddy bear big or small?

A you                        B yours                                 C your

  1. … her boyfriend like swimming?

A Does                    B Is                                         C Do

  1. What are … names?

A that                      B their                                     C theirs  

  1. I … go out with my friend Ann.

A yesterday              B now                                   C often  

  1. I’m interested … history.

A in                          B with                                   C about   

  1. My sister has got a good camera and she often takes photos … animals.  

A with                      B of                                       C through

  1. … there a good art gallery?

A Are                      B Has                                     C Is     

  1. It closes … half past six … the evening.              

A at, on                   B on, in                                  C at, in     

  1. … the weekend it is closed.

A On                        B At                                      C In    

  1. “… Tony?” “He’s my husband.”

A Who’s                  B What’s                               C Whose    

  1. It’s my … bike.

A childrens’             B children’                            C children’s     

  1. It is often … in winter.

A snowy                   B snowing                             C snows       

  1. If you want more adventure, you can go to … Alps.

A -                            B the                                      C The  

  1. Lake Baikal is … lake in the world.

A the most deep       B the most deepest                C the deepest  

  1. The computer is ….

A my                        B mine                                   C me      

  1. Marie Curie … her studies in Poland but in 1891 she left for France.

A begun                    B began                                 C begin

  1. Where … Sherlock Holmes …?

A did, live                B -, lived                                C did, lived

  1. Have we got … meat?

A some                     B anything                             C any   

  1. You … to do exercises every day to keep fit.

A have                       B can                                     C must

  1. It … raining.

A doesn’t                     B isn’t                                   C hasn’t  

  1. I’m playing ….

A guitar                       B a guitar                               C the guitar

  1. “How … is the vase?” “Fifteen pounds.”

A much                        B many                                  C high

  1. If you study more, you…get good marks.

A would                       B will                                   C -     

  1. London is on ….

A River Thames          B River Thames                     C the River Thames      

  1. Scientists … about 100 planets outside our solar system.

A discover                   B have discovered                 C discovered

  1. She hasn’t been … the Moon.

A to                              B on                                       C in

  1. Have you … seen a UFO?

A never                        B ever                                     C just

  1. I …to Paris last year.

A have been                 B was going                           C went

  1. If we … more free time, we would do more sport.

A will have                   B have                                  C had

  1. I have decided that I … hard for the exam.

A will study                 B going to study                     C am going to study 

  1. His bag … stolen.

A was                   B -                                    C has been

  1. I stayed in a small village … six months.

A on                             B for                                       C during

  1. I think this film …amazing .

A will be                B is going to be                  C is being

  1. Little Marie … her bed every morning.

A makes                       B does                                     C has

  1. Antonio Banderas is older … Jim Carry.

A then                           B as                                        C than

  1. “Hamlet” … by William Shakespeare.

A was write                    B was written                           C was wrote

  1. It was the … day in my life.

A happy                  B happiest                               C happier   

  1. Cotton clothes … cheaper than silk clothes.

A are                             B is                                         C -

  1.  While I … a magazine, I suddenly heard screams.

A read                           B was reading                         C am reading

  1. Tomorrow I… to London. I bought the tickets last month.

A will fly                     B am going to fly                    C fly

  1. What … at 8 o’clock in the evening?

A did you do                 B was you do                          C were you doing

  • If you heat water, it ... .
    A boils                                B boil                                  C would boil
  1. I haven’t got many friends but  I’ve got … really good ones.

A little                             B a little                                  C a few